The types of binoculars you ought to consider if you’re into birdwatching



Binoculars are ideal for making any objects that are too far from you visible and easy to spot. Birdwatching is one outdoor activity that requires the use of such a piece of equipment. No bird will let you get close enough to examine it to your heart’s content, as they are cautious creatures by nature, and they will fly away as soon as you get too close.


Two things your binoculars should do

Since binoculars are used for many activities and not only birdwatching, it is important to understand what kind of binoculars a birdwatcher should get. There are mainly two things to keep in mind. Your binoculars should be able to bring closer objects and images that are far away from your eyes, and secondly, they need to make these images clearer.

Birds are great at hiding in trees and other forms of vegetation because this is how they survive against predators. Spotting them is not an easy task, and you should get a good quality pair of binoculars to indulge in this enjoyable activity.



What kind of magnification you should get

So, at this point, we know that birds can sit at quite a significant distance from you and that you need binoculars that will bring them closer to your eyes. Does this mean that you should get a model with the highest magnification possible?

Although it may sound counterintuitive, the truth is that you should not get such a pair of binoculars. There are substantial disadvantages that you need to keep in mind. You will narrow down your field of view when using a model with higher magnification.

Also, the image shown through the lens will be darker, and that can make spotting birds more difficult, especially when you want to watch owls or other birds that prefer to be active at twilight or night.


What is gear ratio and what you should get?

The gear ratio is related to the focusing mechanism used by the binoculars, and you need to learn a few things about it if you want to pick the right pair for you. For instance, a high gear ratio is found on binoculars that can go from close focus to the greatest distance possible, while requiring only one full turn of the focus wheel.

While this may sound like a great thing, the main issue is that you will take longer time making the image look sharp. However, if you want to watch birds at different distances, this is the type of binoculars you should get.

A model with a low gear ratio will require you to turn the wheel multiple times, but, while being slow, it lets you make micro adjustments so that you can enjoy crystal clear image without too much trouble. Following birds in flight is done easier with this type of binoculars. For a versatile model, you should opt for a medium gear ratio model.

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